What should we do to ensure safety from coronavirus?

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What should we do to ensure safety from coronavirus

What should we do to ensure safety from coronavirus?

The situation of coronavirus spreading is more and more serious throughout the world. As of March 25th, 2020, the total number of deaths has reached 19,050. The warning of coronavirus is updated everyday from WHO. Companies suffered heavy losses in both revenue and human resources, which affects seriously the global economy. The solutions of remote working are chosen instead of working at the workplace. As a citizen, you must ensure the safety from coronavirus for yourself and people around you.

Wash hands regularly

Wash hands regularly to ensure safety from coronavirus

The first thing we should note is to wash you hands regularly with an alcohol-based solution or soap and water. Because one of the dangerous ways of infecting is that touching your face after contacting with an infected surface or sick person. By cleaning your hands, you can minimize the risk of infection.

Arm with knowledge of coronavirus

Arm with knowledge to protect yourself from coronavirus

That arming ourselves with knowledge of Covid-19 is also indispensable. You should ensure that the information coming from sources such as national public health authorities, the WHO’s website is reliable. People need to be aware of the common symptoms such as starting with a fever and a dry cough, not a runny nose.

Don’t Travel

Don't Travel in the time of coronavirus

Avoid traveling when you have the sign of a fever or cough. Additionally, if you are sick on the flight, you should notify the crew immediately. Then, when returning home, you should contact a health expert and give out the information on where you did go.

Clean house regularly

Clean house regularly to avoid coronavirus

You should regularly clean surfaces such as kitchen benches, desks and door knob with disinfectants. That cleaning surfaces such as kitchen benches, desks and door knob with disinfectants is also important. Additionally, you also may not have known that door knob is an extreme dangerous point. It is likely to be a colony of Coronavirus. Therefore, in order to ensure safety from it, you should wear gloves or wash hands after touching the door knob.

Minimize the movement

Minimize the movement to protect yourself from coronavirus

Acute pneumonia caused by coronavirus is currently very complicated and spreads quickly. So, if you do not necessarily have to move, you should limit going out, traveling. The important thing is that you have to get to the clinic immediately if you experience suspicious symptoms. At the same time, let’s be a responsible citizen by letting health experts know your schedule. This will help to keep the pandemic under control.

Avoid touching your face with hands

Avoid touching your face with hands to fight coronavirus

If you are in the case that you have to take off gloves, you should not touch your face or eyes with hands. The best thing is that you can keep your hands away from face. Before putting on gloves, don’t forget to wash your hands carefully with soap and warm water.

Make medical report as soon as having symptoms

Medical report as soon as having symptoms

If you have shortness of breath, you should call doctor and seek immediate care. It is perfectly normal and understandable to feel nervous, especially when living in an affected country or community. It is great to find out everything you can do in your community.

In this time, that protecting your health is essential to ensure safety from coronavirus. These above things must be partly helpful for you and your family.

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