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  • September 17, 2018
  • By Abigaile Johnson
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Out of the Sandbox review from Coupons Accept

Out of the Sandbox review

Out of the Sandbox has been designing revolutionary themes for Shopify, the #1 rated e-commerce platform, and setting trends in the e-commerce world since 2011. With a focus on intuitive usability and creating memorable shopping experiences, our themes provide premium storefront solutions that not only make your shop look fantastic, but also function beautifully and convert to sales. If you want to find information, you can read Out of the Sandbox review.

Out of the Sandbox review
Out of the Sandbox review


To start with, I’d list the top 5 factors of declaring this combination ideal in the Shopify ecosystem as follows:

Their themes are visually beautiful

They provide excellent, prompt support

The themes have a solid codebase and great documentation

The themes have comprehensive and intuitive options (theme settings)

They regularly update & improve their themes

It is the first and only Shopify theme developer to offer an app to make the theme update process easier. During the upgrade process to a newer version of your theme, the app will preserve your setting configurations and also carry over changes you’ve made directly to your theme files. This makes it easy for you to ensure you have the latest and greatest version of your theme.

Real World Experience

Given the number of stores we’ve setup using Parallax, Retina, Mobilia, Responsive and more recently Turbo, it’s safe to say that we know our way around the themes by now. Upgrading an older theme version will require the settings to be configured again.

If you are using a theme that’s older than these versions, the app will still be able to upgrade your theme and move over select settings, but any custom code will not be carried over.

The components and elements that can go on the product page template, the collection page, home page, contact page. We have found the abilities and limitations of each template and piece of functionality, the work-arounds and enhancements.

Out of the Sandbox coupons

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