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Published on August 24, 2023

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Introduction to Proxies

Proxies are software which acts as protective gateways between devices and the internet. Once a proxy is activated, all of the surfing requests start traveling through the servers of the proxy, which masks the IP address of the device and changes the geo-location of the device as chosen by the user. They are simply services which allow a person to hide their real location and identity, and disguise it with a virtual identity before it reaches the internet. Proxies are used for several reasons, most of which are privacy related but can also be used to access restricted or nationally exclusive websites, and often to avoid or bypass bans.


Just like the typical proxy services but with a greater standard, IPBurger provides its users with a protective gateway to surf the internet with safety. By creating an account, users may choose from five different types of proxies according to their needs. The proxy also allows its users to monitor their usage through a full-fledged custom dashboard. Once activated, the servers of the proxy ensure the encryption of all the data flowing between the user’s device and the internet, while also masking the original IP address and geological location. More information is available at the official website. (https://www.ipburger.com/how-it-works/)

IPBurger offers a wide range of proxy products which include Fresh Dedicated IPs, Residential Proxies, and VPN services.

Fresh Dedicated IPs

The dedicated IPs are claimed to be highest in quality, and more importantly, they do not keep changing but are rather reserved for a single user at a time. The word ‘fresh’ basically means that IPBurger holds these addresses in a cool-down period of 180 days before selling to a customer.

This product is highly suitable for those who require managing accounts without facing IP bans. IPBurger offers Dedicated IPs for $8.08 per month with a 1 year available plan, and Fresh IPs cost $9.58, which also comes with a 1 year available plan.

Residential Proxies

Residential IPs are typically owned by ISPs like Time Warner, Comcast, AT&T, and Charter. The ISPs assign Residential IPs to the subscribers of their home internet packages. These IPs are not data-center, but rather tied with real addresses and people. When web services block data-center IP addresses, users can use Residential IPs to scrape or circumvent data. This service is offered by IPBurger in three different packages namely the Micro, Starter, and Regular.

The Micro costs $75, Starter costs $200, and Regular costs $400. These packages differ in user limit, and more importantly the price per Gigabyte, which gets cheaper as the package progresses. The price per Gigabyte in Micro, for example, is $15 but in Regular it is merely $8.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks or VPNs are used to extend a user’s private network across public networks in such a way that the data is sent and received as if their devices were directly connected. This service, too is significantly popular amongst privacy conscious users, and allows user to avoid geo blocks and other restrictions. IPBurger offers its VPN services at a starting price of $10.95/month, but the subscription gets amazingly cheaper when purchased for an extended period of time. The 6 months and 12 months plan, for example, are $40.95 and $64.95 which means $6.83 per month and $5.41 per month respectively. On top of that, the subscription charges are billed at the end of the subscribed period.

Last but not least, IPBurger offers a 100% satisfaction and money back guarantee on all of its products and services. Similarly, their Customer Services are available to support their customers 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

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